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ComfyTree travels around the United States, educating small businesses, entrepreneurs, and everyone affected by upcoming legalization in their local community. 

Our focus is on informing emerging markets who are nervous about introducing cannabis into their community. Our attendees are doctors, lawyers, activists, congresspeople, small businesses, or aspiring entrepreneurs. Our goal is to defeat the stigma, provide life-changing medicine for patients who need it, and empower small businesses to take the industry for themselves before big businesses take over.

dWe realize we can't be in every state every month, and we also realize that if you want to be in this industry you're going to need more than a weekend once a year to keep you up to date. That's why we decided to launch or virtual training platform that's being stocked with in-depth, interactive training on all subjects of cannabis, business, and doing business in cannabis.

We also are equity owners of a cultivation center & extractions facility in Colorado. Our ComfyHemp products are made from the purest CBD extracts from locally grown cannabis.

Since we're dedicated to helping everyone who wants to have an impact in the industry, we've decided to open our own Lending institution. We give cannabis companies funds when they can't get funding through more traditional means. 


Our team is one of the most diverse and talented in the industry. Our experts, staff, and partners come from corporate backgrounds such as P&G, Whirlpool, Amazon, etc. We're professionals to the highest degree. After decades of collective corporate pain, we decided to take our talents to the cannabis market to help solve the lack of proper and factual cannabis education in most communities. 



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