Journalism/Copywriting Internship

Journalism Internship 

ComfyTree Enterprises * Remote Positions Available*

ComfyTree Enterprises is a new and emerging industry leader in consulting services for the cannabis industry. ComfyTree is a start-up company based in the Midwest and markets its services throughout the United States. At ComfyTree Enterprises, our mission is to provide economical consulting solutions and entrepreneurship education to individuals looking to enter into the cannabis business. We are committed to presenting complex information about cannabis in a user-friendly, relaxing, and comfyway. We also are a legal enterprise and strive for benefitting from the emerging industry while avoiding legal risks. The ComfyTree team is made up of professionals from Fortune 500 company backgrounds that have taken their knowledge into the cannabis industry.

We are looking for cannabis-savvy online bloggers and copywriters interested in highlighting and writing about the latest trends in the cannabis industry around the world. Blogger should have a keen interested in cannabis (marijuana or hemp) or in fields that may intersect with cannabis. Blogger does not have to be a cannabis user nor does the blogger have to reside in a 'cannabis friendly' state. Bloggers will also work closely with social media interns to assist with campaign creation and development as our site is currently in its’ most nascent stages of growth. Bloggers will also work with graphic design interns and be responsible with the creation of visual content such as to help people understand the cannabis world.

The intern can receive course credit, and should be detail-oriented and creatively minded. As ComfyTree is a startup, the intern should have a strong interest in business development, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, interviewing, retail, digital media and marketing communications. Your work could be featured on our email campaigns, website, product offerings, and advertising collateral. Various past experience will also be considered when filling the position. Having cannabis industry experience such as work with advocacy groups is a plus but not required.

So, if you love cannabis, love writing, and want to work with an energetic team, apply today! We can't wait to work with you!