Recording policy

Photography and Recording policy

I. Recording Prohibition

Photographing, recording, videotaping, or digitally capturing any portion of ComfyTree LLC hosted proceedings, sessions, seminars, fairs, and workshops is strictly prohibited, unless done so by registered and approved members of the press and Journalism industry. Members of the press and journalism industry are required to register at the press desk by presenting media credentials in order to receive permission to photograph and/or videotape aspects of ComfyTree LLC proceedings, sessions, seminars, fairs, and workshops.

Registered exhibitors may photograph and/or videotape only their personnel and equipment within the confines of their booth. No full presenter recordings are permitted. Failure to comply with this policy may result in expulsion from ComfyTree LLC hosted proceedings, sessions, seminars, fairs, and workshops and the forfeiture of registration, and attendance fees. Furthermore, ComfyTree LLC, it’s agents, and contractors reserve the right to pursue legal remedies.

II. Attendance Waiver

Attendees understand that ComfyTree, LLC and their authorized representatives may conduct interviews, take photographs, and videotape in ComfyTree proceedings, sessions, fairs, and workshops.

Additionally, conference attendees voluntarily waive their right to any profits and proceeds from the reproduction of their likeness. ComfyTree LLC may capture photographs and video footage of conference attendees for use in it’s website, marketing, and promotional materials. These terms are read to be consistent with the waiver of rights in granted to ComfyTree LLC by Exhibitors and Conference attendees during the registration process.

III. Effective Date

This policy is effective as of July 25, 2015 and applies to all ComfyTree LLC proceedings, sessions, fairs, and workshops held thereafter.