Marijuana Application Seminar & Cannabis Stock Market Training | August 10, 2019 | 12pm to 6:30pm

Date: August 10, 2019

Time: 12:00pm to 6:30pm

Location: Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport Expo Center, 830 Phillips Ln, Louisville, KY 40209

Course Summary

The course begins with an overview of how to get a grow -op license and then takes you through each step in depth. Each part of the application process is explained in layman terms and with full detail. We'll show you plenty of real examples of documentation, from our application to zoning notes given to us by our inspector. There will also be two live webinars where you can ask the experts your questions in real time.

Course highlights

  • Step-by-step, detailed instructions

  • Interactive multimedia content

  • Knowledge checks & activities

  • See real documentation examples

  • Live access to industry experts


  • Save thousands on costly mistakes

  • Eliminate hours of research time

  • Be confident in your team choices

  • Know how to pick your location

  • Accelerate your project progress

  • Property Selection Guidelines

  • Unique Dispensary Requirement

Why take this course?

You'll be given homework after each section, so by the time you finish the course, you should know exactly what to do when you're ready to submit your own application. You'll potentially save thousands of dollars on costly mistakes, and you'll definitely save hours of time doing research.

Why run around when the information is already gathered for you? The whole process is laid out step by step in detail so you never feel lost. We're even here for you live if you need us.


  • Introduction & Goals

  • Marijuana Application Types

  • How Marijuana Applications Are Scored

  • Selecting a Location for Your Cannabusiness

  • Business Planning for Your Application

  • City and State Application Agreements & Procedures

  • Marijuana Licensing Criteria and Checklist

  • Demonstrate Your Competitive Advantage

  • Final Licensing Tips & Tricks Bonus: Cannabusiness Application Document Examples




Cannabis Stock Market Course Summary

One of the most popular questions we are asked is, “How can I invest in the Cannabis Industry?" Our team members are asked this question time and time again.  Of course, you can invest in a cultivation/grow operation, dispensary, or infused product facility, but investments like these come with a significant amount of red tape not to mention the six and seven figure price tags.  Does the cannabis community understand the proper ways to invest in the industry?  One of the easier ways to get involved in the Green Rush is by investing in companies that are already on the stock market.

This course provides a detailed overview of all the nuances of investing in the cannabis stock market, including the types of companies that exist on the cannabis stock market, and how to assess which companies you should invest in.  Our resident expert is continually studying underground economics and has a keen understanding of how to communicate with non-finance experts.  As a bonus, during this course we will provide you financial investing concepts that can be utilized when investing in the stock market or when you are considering investing in small to medium size businesses.

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone looking to make money in the cannabis industry

  • Anyone looking to understand investment principles

  • Anyone who finds investing concepts difficult to understand

  • Anyone who desires to get in involved but doesn't have the capital to open a license facility or invest in a licensed facility

  • Anyone looking to diversify their investment portfolio

Course Highlights

  • Learn about the cannabis markets

  • Assess cannabis companies

  • Review the industry by sector

  • Understand and differentiated between cannabis stock indexes and exchanges

  • Learn financial investing concepts

  • Learn how to read financial reports


  • Intro to the Course

  • Overview of the Financial Markets

  • Understanding the Over-the-Counter Markets

  • How to Assess a Cannabis Company

  • How to Analyze Cannabis Financial Reports

  • Additional Ways to Analyze Cannabis Financial Reports

  • Analyze the Marijuana Industry by Sector

  • Let's Get Investing!



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